Ade Camilleri – Media Plan


Occupation: Digital Strategist, Marketer and Product Developer

General Manager at Media Plan Limited, a Boutique Digital Marketing Firm providing a range of service to Fortune 500, Tourism, Government, Gaming and Telecommunication sector.

Media Plan is a strategic Competitor Intelligence and Digital Marketing Agency assisting Public and Private companies achieve and maintain rapid and sustainable growth through a suite of bespoke digital marketing products and market intelligence software.

Media Plan’s expertise in providing up to date and accurate competitor reporting allows companies to stay in tune with their competitors products, services, news ad campaigns, content marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns is what sets them apart from anyone in the digital marketing industry.

Media Plan’s digital footprint marketing service is a unique product that continually amplifies and reproduces your website, blog and Digital content in multiple formats and versions across a mix of web 2.0, Social Media, Profiling and Mirrored websites throughout the web to ensure your digital footprint is multiplied and amplified beyond your corporate website. This proven method has seen the explosive growth of many corporations online and an impenetrable amount of exposure which has yielded organic search volume well in excess of expectations.

Media Plan also provides a range of Campaign Monitoring and Campaign Hacking strategies that allows corporations to monitor, reverse engineer and out play their competitors campaigns to ensure they remain at the top of their game. Our real time reporting on competitor marketing has allowed our customers to develop online campaigns that are based on real time statistic and data generated on the outcome of competitors marketing strategies which results in reduced marketing spend and a higher ROI

Product Development is key to the success of Media Plan and our suite of unique digital products are developed to immediately address our strategies and services to ensure that we can continue to provide cutting edge data and the most up to date reporting available on the market

Retention & Marketing Products – Ade Camilleri is a product developer specialising in Game and Mobile App Development of products designed to Engage, Retain and Grow your existing Database of Clients and Customers. Products ranging from Mobile Apps, Communications Products, Casino Games, Website Games and Social Media Apps all developed to set you up to.


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